The Best Life Hacks

The fact that life hacks exist proves two things: 1. that we’re doing just about everything wrong, and 2. that there are a bunch of people out there living in the future. Thanks to the Internet , however, all the geniuses living in 3020 have a way to share all their surprisingly useful knowledge about hacking

Stuff Drinking Glasses in Socks

The last thing you want while moving is to have all of your drinking glasses shatter during a move. Tuck all your glassware inside of clean socks to prevent them from clinking and clattering.

Soften Masking Tape

Finding the end of masking tape can be such an annoying task. To soften up old masking tape, simply plop it in the microwave and warm it up for a few seconds.

Shave Your Sweaters

Clean the pilling off a sweater by shaving it with a razor. Just like when shaving your own face, you need to be careful not to ruin the fabric. Using a women’s razor might be a safer bet.

Use Teabags to Treat Sunburn

Being sunburnt is no fun. Thankfully, there’s a remedy for treating it. You can apply Earl Grey teabags directly onto your wounds or press a tea-soaked washcloth onto your skin. See here for more information.

Use a Can Opener

It’s possible to open a blister pack without cutting yourself or jumping through ring of fire? Spare yourself the trouble (and potential injury) by using a can opener to open a blister pack.